2010 May

Consider the cost, are you ready?

During my first full day in Holland, Michigan, I met Brenda Crisp, a faculty member at Hope College. We were at the monthly Holland Is Ready and this was her first time attending. She held nothing back.

At Hope … Read More

If there is no God, God is in it

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. – Friedrich Nietzsche

I spend at least two out of every seven days believing that there is no God. That we are a profoundly amazing collection of molecules, and … Read More

Five Awesome Things Straight People Can Do

It’s interesting, and perhaps fitting, that while my recent 8 Things I Don’t Need to Hear From Straight People article was making its way around my friend network and the internet in general, one particular straight guy was reacting really … Read More

Eight Things I Don’t Need to Hear From Straight People

Over the years, well-intentioned folks have said a whole host of things that are not helpful and are in fact damaging. If you are a well-intentioned straight person: thank you! I really truly appreciate your good intentions. It is because … Read More

Practical Ways to Be The Change You Wish To See

People love to quote Gandhi, especially his advice to “be the change you wish to see.” Maybe because it’s easier to quote him than to actually take his advice. Rather than wax poetic on Gandhi’s (quite substantial) achievements, I want … Read More

My Hope for Hope

I have had the unbelievable pleasure and honor of spending the past three weeks with students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members of Hope College in Holland, MI. It has literally been unbelievable and an experience I trust will stick … Read More