Brian’s Story

How I Landed My First Client

In October 2009, I was the programming coordinator at a children’s television network. Those episode of Veggie Tales and Babar you saw? I decided which episodes to air when. It was a terrific job, especially as my first job out … Read More

A Day In The Life of a Freelancer

How do you DO it? If I had to pick one question that I am most often asked, “How do you do it?” is it. Often the follow-up is “I could never do that.”  I always respond, “I bet you … Read More

Pick A Date And Make It Happen

In September 2008, I was sharing with my friend Alexey Timbul of how I want to work for myself, have time for projects I care about, and be able to travel more. Alexey was working for a social justice non-profit … Read More