Do I have to be an activist?

First, a meditation.

A Litany For Survival

For those of us who live at the shoreline standing upon the constant edges of decision crucial and alone for those of us who cannot indulge the passing dreams of … Read More

Tough Questions: Can I Have A Family?

It’s 10:00 PM and my evening is winding down. I pick up my MacBook Air, my journal, and the book I’m reading (The Wisdom of No Escape). I’m not sure what my plan is: to read? To journal? To … Read More

Tough Questions: Will I Be Healthy?

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Gay people get AIDS and die.

Did anyone ever say it to me those exact words to me? Probably not. That is … Read More

Tough Questions: Am I A Real Man

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My grandfather played semi-professional, my father was a varsity kicker before sustaining an injury that ended his ability to … Read More

Tough Question: Can I Be Cool and Gay?

Sure, I want to know what God’s intention is and what the Bible says and what my family will think. Of course.

But there’s more to it, for me at least.

Anti-establishment type as I might be, I want … Read More

Is this a faggot party? (or, Will I be uncomfortable, & Will I survive?)

This Dispatch is part of the Tough Questions series.

“What is this a faggot party? Y’all a bunch of faggots. I wish I had an oozie, man I wish I had an oozie. You mess with God, you mess … Read More