This is why you want to work with me

If you find yourself on this page, you should be thinking “Who is Brian Gerald Murphy and do I want to work with him?” If that is what you are thinking, congratulations, you will find your answer (one way or the other). If that’s not what you’re thinking, you’ve stumbled to the wrong page on the interwebs. So here we go.

I am passionate about conspiring with visionary individuals and organizations to change the world through web and media. If you are burning up inside about something and want to take advantage of all the tools the digital world has to offer, we’ll make a great team.

You want to work with me if

  • You are doing world changing stuff and need to share it with the world; or
  • You have an earth-shattering idea and need to figure out how to make it a reality; or
  • You have a website or a blog or a twitter or a facebook and it’s just not doing what you know it could be

What do I do?

I collaborate with visionary individuals and organizations (like yourself) in a few key ways:

  • Consulting: Evaluate your current situation; articulate your vision; develop a strategic, actionable plan; identify necessary tools and services; develop structures for inspiration and accountability.
  • Speaking: Deliver a presentation, participate in a panel, lead a workshop for your organization or event.
  • Email newsletter: Strategy + Action provides strategy advice and action items for activists, non-profits, and world changers to leverage the web and media to change the world.
  • Web & Media services: Implement your web & media needs through web, blog, and social media maintenance; marketing & communications; direct and distribute video and podcasts; and produce live events.

Who else has worked with me?

Current and former clients and conspirators include Soulforce, Tony Campolo/ EAPE / Red Letter Christians, Peterson Toscano, Human Rights Campaign, The Simple Way (read the case study)

I’ve spoken at Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, and others.

I’ve led workshops and training for Marble Collegiate Church, Room For All, Equality Ride, and more.

What are others saying?

“I need Brian to be my life coach! if you’re not reading Strategy + Action, you should be!”
- Shannon Kearns, preacher and activist

“Brian Murphy has that rare enthusiasm as a teacher and he has a great sense of humor about it, which is a great tool in itself. Helped me enjoy what technology could do for me. A real wizard!”
- Louisa Battista, works for a national television network

“Working with Brian is amazing, all I had was a logo and he was able to take that and run with it. In addition to his web design skills, he has been hugely valuable with his insight into marketing, media relations, strategy, and communicating with customers. His in-depth knowledge of the web, ecommerce, social media, and just how to get stuff done online has been a huge asset to my business.”
- Asher Kolieboi, creator of Legalize Trans*

How do we work together?

The weekly Strategy + Action newsletter is free. You can signup here.

You can view my upcoming and recent speaking engagements or submit an inquiry here.

For consulting or web & media services, fill out the form below. Or purchase the Really Simple Web service.