Do Justice: One at a time

Five years ago I was cited for trespassing at the University of Notre Dame and barred for life from returning to any property owned by the university on penalty of arrest.

My infraction?

I spoke with Daniel, a student at Notre Dame, and gave him more information about LGBT-affirming events planned in his community.

That student came to a dinner that night that the Equality Ride was hosting at a local church. He came to our film screening and discussion at a local community center the next day. Before our bus pulled out the morning after, he stopped by our hotel lobby with band t-shirts to give us.

Daniel is from Los Angeles. I met up with him a few years later, when we were both back in Los Angeles. He’s come out to all his friends and family. He started going back to church again. A joy and contentment radiated from him that had only been started to peek out when I first met him.

I asked recently, does any of this matter?

Yes. It matters to Daniel.

The cost might seem high, but if a young student can learn to love theirself, I would risk arrest all over again.

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