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Hear others’ experiences

Zac Baker

Brian’s “I’ve been there” approach is disarming and relatable. Over the years, I’ve found his videos, articles, and resources to embody a direct yet humble insight. He cares deeply about unbuttoning the shame served from families, from faith communities, and even certain aspects of gay culture.

I appreciate how Brian’s goal is not for me to understand life exactly the way he does, but rather to accompany me on a journey of understanding who I am at my core.

Charlie K

Brian has helped me find space to figure out my own needs and wants, and understand that they’re all okay. Honoring my whole self has shifted the way I approach dating. While I may have longer chunks of time where I’m not dating anyone now, it’s in large part due to having a better understanding of myself and what will make me happiest and most fulfilled— even if that’s sometimes just my relationship with myself, my friends, and my family.