Relationships take work, but they don’t have to be hard and you don’t have to go it alone

I'm Brian G. Murphy, a queer relationship coach, and I'm here to help you build thriving relationships


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Brian G. Murphy

I work with LGBTQ+ people to help you navigate your relationship(s) in thoughtful, meaningful, fulfilling, and of course sex- and fun-filled ways; from intentionally single, to dating, to monogamous, to open or polyamorous, and all points in between.



Dating & New Relationships

Dating can be intimidating and the start of a new relationship can be thrilling but without a clear head and strong sense of self, it can easily become overwhelming and anxiety-produce.

If you’re looking for love, relationship coaching can help set you up for success.

Open Relationships & Polyamory

The world is setup for monogamous couples. Singles and open/poly folks just don’t see ourselves reflected in media and navigating legal structures not designed for us can be challenging.

Yet, with over a decade of experience, I’ve seen how enriching, life-giving, and just fun these relationships can be.

Together, we’ll work through the unique challenges you face and help you build a relationship that is perfect for you.

Sexuality & Spirituality

What is the meaning of life? I can’t answer that for you but I do know that finding meaning makes life worth living. 

Religion and spiituality are important areas of life for many people (though not everyone), regardless of whether you believe in a God “out there” or not.

If it’s important to you, relationship coaching with me is a safe space to explore how your sexuality and relationships can inform your spirituality, and vice versa. 

How it works?

Your thriving relationship starts here

It all starts with a single first step.

If you’re looking to open your relationship, get clear on your sexual ethic, or have some support as you navigate your own unique relationship challenge or opportunity, I offer practical, supportive relationship coaching.

Together we will get clarity on the values that guide your life in general — and how those can guide your dating, romantic, and/or sexual life. We’ll investigate limiting beliefs around relationships and sexuality that may be holding you back from experiencing abundance and together we’ll develop specific, actionable practices to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself, your desires, and others.

Ready to make a change?

Apply for your free discovery call to clarify your goals, identify your obstacles, start taking action, and live into an even more thriving relationship.

All applications are replied to within one business day.

Make a decision
It starts with answering a simple question: "Do I want to thrive." A relationship that is emotionally, soulfully, and sexually fulfilling; where conflict is healthy; where life is fun ... is absolutely possible. Do you want to take your relationship or dating to the next level?
Apply for a call
Relationship coaching is sorta like a relationship: chemistry matters. Before you commit, let’s see if we’ve got any. We’ll put everything that you might want to work through on the table and then we’ll prioritize where to begin to make the most impact right away.
Pick a package that works for you
Every person and every relationship is different. Relationship coaching with me is designed with you in mind. Pick the package that is right for your goals, work + support style, and budget.
Show up. Do the work.
You are the expert in your own life and so you've got to show up and do the work. I'm here to provide you with the tools, resources, outside insight, and expert guidance — plus create a space for you to explore, question and grow. When you combine that with action on your part, anything is possible.
Transform your life & relationships
"Transform" is a big, lofty-sounding word. Here's what it means: you show up as the best version of yourself, you make decisions that support you and those you care about, your life is filled with love. This isn't a fairytale happy ending. This is having the tools to build your best life and then enjoying it!

The Relationship You've Always Wanted Is Waiting For You



What People say


Charlie K


Brian has helped me find space to figure out my own needs and wants, and understand that they’re all okay. Honoring my whole self has shifted the way I approach dating. While I may have longer chunks of time where I’m not dating anyone now, it’s in large part due to having a better understanding of myself and what will make me happiest and most fulfilled— even if that’s sometimes just my relationship with myself, my friends, and my family.

Zac Baker


Brian’s “I’ve been there” approach is disarming and relatable. Over the years, I’ve found his videos, articles, and resources to embody a direct yet humble insight. He cares deeply about unbuttoning the shame served from families, from faith communities, and even certain aspects of gay culture.

I appreciate how Brian’s goal is not for me to understand life exactly the way he does, but rather to accompany me on a journey of understanding who I am at my core.


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