Brian G. Murphy

relationship & spirituality coach.
sacred storyteller.
liberation worker.

Brian G. Murphy is a seasoned activist, published author, and sought-after speaker working to help you transform your relationships and communities through the power of personal practice, community organizing, and creative storytelling

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Rabbi Joshua Stanton

East End Temple

Brian speaks with the authority and knowledge of a Jewish scholar and the heart of someone deeply inspired by his spiritual home. We could not be more grateful.

Rev. Adriene Thorne

The Riverside Church

I first met Brian when I was recently out of seminary. His candor and joy caught my attention—great qualities for someone doing the work of helping others heal from religious based harm. If we are honest, we are all picking and choosing from God’s great spiritual buffet. Brian just says that part out loud and then goes about supporting believers in building a spirituality that works for them, that restores them, that honors and blesses their precious stories. This is holy work.

Indigo Rose


The community Brian & Shannon facilitate is a breath of fresh air. It is a resting place. It is a meditative space for folks in a way that we can come together and talk about God, about the God of the Bible and queer the narrative, and create space for contrast and humor and levity. And most importantly, give queer people a space to explore the spirituality that they’re craving, that they’re longing for, without judgment or shame, that accompanied so many churches that they’ve experienced in their lifetime.

Zac Baker


Brian’s “I’ve been there” approach is disarming and relatable. Over the years, I’ve found his videos, articles, and resources to embody a direct yet humble insight. He cares deeply about unbuttoning the shame served from families, from faith communities, and even certain aspects of gay culture.

I appreciate how Brian’s goal is not for me to understand life exactly the way he does, but rather to accompany me on a journey of understanding who I am at my core.

Take a peek behind the scenes and get direct access to private reflections and actionable insights on sex, intimacy, and building a life in alignment with your values ⤵

Co-FOUNDER & Spiritual Practices Coach

The first explicitly queer Christian movement (now interfaith!), the longest-running LGBTQ+ spirituality podcast, a thriving international community of LBGTQ+ Christians, Jews, spiritual seekers, and allies that is 300+ members strong. Since 2013, our message has reached over 3 million people in over 200 countries. We’ve worked with thousands of queer people to heal from spiritual harm, create meaningful personal practices, and live into their deepest values — whether that’s inside a formal religious structure or outside of it!

Our areas of focus include progressive sexual ethics, polyamory, transgender justice, queer joy, community organizing, and spiritual practice as tools for rest and resistance.

Owner & Lead Coach


Through Brian’s work as a certified relationship coach, he has worked directly with over one hundred LGBTQ+ individuals, couples, triads, and more to help them build thriving relationships on their own terms. Brian’s practice includes private coaching, group coaching, and self-guided study. His relationship-focused YouTube videos, with over half a million views, offer practical advice that discards rose-colored glasses in favor of an honest look at what it really takes to build and keep a relationship. 


Legalize Trans

Legalize Trans* is the first openly transgender apparel company. More than that, it is a boldly proud artistic and educational campaign that centers trans joy. Originally started as a riff on American Apparel’s Legalize Gay campaign, Legalize Trans calls attention to the sometimes exclusionary focuses of mainstream gay & lesbian activism.  Shirts have shipped to over 50 countries and have been spotted everywhere from the Creating Change conference to a movie on Hulu.

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I love diving deep on the topics of sex and relationships, friendship, spiritual practices, and queer meaning-making (and how to move from listening into action!)

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Take a peek behind the scenes and get direct access to private reflections and actionable insights on sex, intimacy, and building a life in alignment with your values ⤵


Brian G. Murphy

I work with LGBTQ+ people to help you navigate your relationship(s) in thoughtful, meaningful, fulfilling, and of course sex- and fun-filled ways; from intentionally single, to dating, to monogamous, to open or polyamorous, and all points in between.

The Relationship You've Always Wanted Is Waiting For You