I’m Brian Gerald Murphy. I build businesses to create economic independence.

Brian Gerald MurphyI believe that we all deserve economic justice. I write, speak, create, and consult to bring about that reality. 

For over 10 years, I’ve conspired with visionary individuals and organizations to change the world through web and media. I’ve relaunched digital properties for multi-million dollar organizations, done pro bono video work for little charities that could, and just about everything in between–including some fun along the way like shooting post-game press conferences for the NCAA and interviewing celebs on the red carpet at award shows and premiers in Hollywood. I’ve also collaborated to launch two businesses: Legalize Trans* and Queer Theology.

But as I look at my varied interests and pursuits–creative services, public speaking, business development, social justice activism, liberation theology, performance art, digital marketing strategy–one common theme emerges: we all deserve to thrive.

Which brings me to here and now and you.

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