Why We March: Trans Day of Action

Today is a guest post from Micah Matthias who writes about the 6th Annual NYC Trans Day of Action for Sanctuary Collective. We will be there today, join us of if you can.

This afternoon, at 4 pm, we will be participating in the 6th annual Trans Day of Action in New York City.

We’ll meet at City Hall in Manhattan, and we will march.

We will march because we can’t sit still. We will march because we can’t stay silent.

We will march because corporate sponsored Pride events don’t help you when you’re excluded from them.

We will march because our culture at best does not bat an eye, and at worst condones and makes a spectacle when one of our sisters fall to violence. We will march because we are survivors of violence.

We will march because our lives are beautiful, fabulous, fierce, creative. We will march because we do not only mourn, we also laugh, and are loved.

We will march.

Will you march too?

If you cannot march in person, march in spirit: talk to your friends, family and co-workers and educate yourself with the concerns raised by the Audre Lorde Project’s Points of Unity for the march.

See you in the streets!

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