God Intended Man & Woman

A friend said to me,

I mean, I know I’m gay and that’s true to who I am and isn’t going away, but I mean—in the beginning—God intended men and women to be together. It’s just that The Fall, and sin, and we’ve messed things up… and now some people are gay, I’m gay. But He originally wanted men and women to be together—He must have, two men couldn’t procreate, there would be no humanity. I mean, I think God loves me and is OK with me now… but in a perfect world that’s not how it would be.

My heart broke. As he defended his own goodness, and rightness, and humanity, he simultaneously destroyed it. “I might be OK, but only because I’m stuck in this pitible state,” he might as well have said.

It’s not an uncommon line of thinking, from gay and straight people alike: being queer is fine; not great, but acceptable.

Your turn

What can we do to change that attitude? If you have solutions, write a blog post (or update on Google+ or Facebook Note). Link it here and invite others to contribute.

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