Last week, I answered a viewer question and talked about ways to handle transitioning from time spent with one boyfriend to time spent with another video.

In THIS video, I’m gonna answer a related question that he didn’t ask: how do you manage? Balance? Handle? take take care of? 

Oy! You know what I mean! 

How can you be considerate of one boyfriend when you’re with another?How do you spend quality time with one boyfriend without completing forgetting that the other exists? That’s what we’re gonna cover in this video

Two thing are true:

  1. When you are with a partner, it’s important that you’re present with HIM. He matters. And your relationship with him deserves attention.

  2. Your other partners still exist — and have feelings and needs that deserve attention and respect — even if you are not physically present with them.

Here are some things you can do to be considerate of all of your partners.

  1. Make explicit plans to see each of your partners.
    Put it in your calendar.
    Keep your partners in the loop on your plans.

  2. Don’t treat any of your partners like “backup”
    That could look like only seeing your bf when your husband has other plans or just assuming you’ll spend the evening with your husband if you didn’t make plans with your bf or friends or a date

  3. If you are going to be late — let the other know! — and don’t make it a habit!

  4. Be present with the partner you’re spending time with. Don’t be on your phone with other people constantly

  5. But also, plan to be appropriately available.
    If you’re taking a vacation with one boyfriend, your other might like to hear from you a few times — just like you’d keep in touch with kids or even close friends. Plan ahead for that and don’t just spring it on the one you’re with.

  6. Keep “dating” your long-term partner too.
    “New relationship energy” (NRE) is intoxicating but old relationships are important too. Make an effort to do fun, adventurous, sexy stuff with your long-term partner. Remember: the exciting stuff isn’t only for the new guy.

Ok, that’s what I’ve got for now.

How do you take care of all of your partners? Let me know in the comments over on YouTube.

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