Announcing: Tough Questions On The Path To Acceptance - Brian Gerald Murphy

Announcing: Tough Questions On The Path To Acceptance

Two days, Chris Stedman tweeted “But these days, I almost exclusively do things that scare me—most requiring vulnerability. It’s not easier, but I think I’m getting braver.” That resonated with me.

Today, waiting for the 5 train in Lower Manhattan, I wrote in my journal “Tough Questions On The Road To Acceptance” and began listing tough questions I asked (and answered) of myself as I journeyed (and continue to journey) on a path to acceptance of myself as a queer person.

I’ve decided to share those questions with you, here.

Then, each day I will respond (though not necessarily answer) each of the questions. If you’d like to receive the prompts and my responses, subscribe here (you can sign-up for Free Daily Dispatches and you’ll continue to get Dispatches from me after this series, or you can select Tough Questions and you’ll only receive updates on this series).

This Tough Questions series will run from December 1 to December 31. I’m starting off by publishing 15 questions/prompts, that I/we will respond to each day, in order. Next Wednesday, December 7, I’ll add another set of questions, and on December 14, I’ll add the last remaining chunk. Make sure you’re subscribed to receive all the prompts. If you’d like to suggest Tough Questions, you can do so via Facebook, Google+, or Twitter (or email me if you’d prefer to be private/anonymous).

I invite each of you to respond to these prompts too.

If you have a website, blog, or somewhere you publish publicly, I encourage you to share your experiences there. You’ll be able to submit your blog here and also on each individual prompt. You can also respond to the prompts by linking back here (or to the individual prompt) and commenting on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, or any other social network you might use. You can respond to only one or a few, if you like. I invite you to commit to responding to all of them.

Without further ado, here are some Tough Questions on the path to acceptance

Edit: More Tough Questions are now posted.


I’ll begin responding to these prompts tomorrow, December 1. If you commit to responding to the Tough Questions prompts, submit your website below. You will also be able to submit links to individual posts on the daily Questions.

I’m looking forward to digging deep into these Tough Questions and to learning from your answers as well.

Hope & Healing,